You’re My Slave – Part 2!

You’re My Slave – Part 2!


(12 Mins.)

Tiny Tank is a beautiful, nationally ranked, Asian female bodybuilder originating from Hong Kong.   She is as her name implies, built like a tank, with 15″ biceps, 24″ thighs and 15″ calves.  She is a crusher, ripped and vascular, and this video was shot the day after she competed in the 2022 Arnold Classic.  UTCS-169, “You’re My Slave – Part 2  picks up where UTCS-157, “You’re My Slave – Part 1 left off with Tiny Tank dragging Steve onto the bed. There she will complete his training for Steve to become her muscle worshiping slave boy.  She stands over him with her foot on his throat and commands him to worship her legs.  Then she mounts him for some vicious scissors and facesitting torture while flexing and instructing him to massage her harder.  Her thighs are massive for a woman only 5’2″ but she stuffs his head up so high his moans are muffled and his nose is right up in her cookie.  Her reverse scissor and reverse facesit take whatever fight he might have had left in him, as she smashes his face to smithereens.  He’s exhausted and humiliated as she stands over him once again while she commands him to massage and worship her powerful physique.  Check out Tiny Tank completely owning Steve!  TRT 12 minutes, enjoy!


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