You’re My Slave – Part 1!

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You’re My Slave – Part 1!


Tiny Tank is a beautiful, nationally ranked, Asian female bodybuilder originating from Hong Kong. At 5’2 and 150 lbs., she is built, as her name implies, like a tank, with 15″ biceps, 24″ thighs and 15″ calves.  This video was shot 1 day after Tank competed at this year’s Arnold Classic and she is ripped and vascular. She is strong beyond belief and loves to crush men in her paralyzing scissorholds.  In UTCS-157, “You’re My Slave – Part 1, Steve is ordering Tiny Tank, his new housekeeper around, like she’s his personal slave.  She can only take so much of this chauvinistic behavior and peels off her dress to reveal her incredible physique in a sexy, American flag, thong bikini.  She immediately attacks Steve and captures him in a severe classic head scissor. Then into a brutal side scissor, followed by a torturous reverse scissor. Now that he knows who’s the boss, Tank makes him worship her unbelievable biceps and quads by kissing and caressing them.  Then more scissoring, followed by a chokehold that nearly ends Steve’s night.  Not phased in the least Tank stands over him and shoves his head into her quad for more worship and then we fade out as she again makes him kiss her huge biceps.  If you’re a fan of ultra-muscular female bodybuilders, in muscle worship and scissoring, then Tiny Tank’s video is for you.  Excellent lighting and some fantastic close-ups highlight the muscle worship and scissoring action.  TRT 13, enjoy!


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