You’re Gonna Remember These Legs!

You’re Gonna Remember These Legs!


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This is one of the most entertaining videos we’ve ever released thanks to Fitness Mistress Claire Rebell! Mistress Claire is a sexy, power-packed, shit-talking, head squeezing machine! A Fitness enthusiast since age 16, Claire is 5’3″ and a solid 135lbs. Our built heroine claims to be putting misbehaving Males in their place since she was 5 years old. You know what? We believe her! Mistress Claire puts raw emotion and sensual energy into every hold. I’m here to tell you, when Claire gets going, every scissor hold is applied with enough force to make you pass out! However, she has become an expert at backing off at the right moment to keep you awake! “You’re Gonna Remember These Legs!” is Mistress Claires’ first release in any wrestling movie. This is the story of what happens when two friends decide to go for a run through one of the fitness “Par Courses.” Claire sets the pace and by the end John is lagging way behind. Claire taunts him and scissors him along the way, but the action really gets going when John issues a challenge in a typical “Male” sport like wrestling. Mistress Claire takes his challenge to heart, and to her legs, and begins the scissoring beatdown of John’s life! Mistress Claire leaves no scissor hold untried and in the end John is forced to admit his vanquished submission. Mistress Claire straddles him in a front scissor, flexes up her beautiful biceps and exclaims what is now her catch phrase, “You’re Gonna Remember These Legs!” Check out the sample montage from “You’re Gonna Remember These Legs!” in The Utopia Entertainment Free Clips Area! We tried to sandwich 22 minutes of action into a 1.5 minute promo and it’s darn near impossible to due this entertaining video justice. Mistress Claire’s Download is over 22 minutes in length, 1280 x 720, 584mb and just $19.95! Also Check out Claire Rebell’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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