You Go Through My Phone… You Die!

You Go Through My Phone… You Die!


Duration: 49 minutes

Carmella is also known here at Utopia as the ‘Fitness Stripper.’ She is 5’7′ and 125 rock solid lbs. Carmella is the girl you grew up with in your neighborhood who you could never beat at anything. Really cute and athletic as a young girl, Carmella became the poster-child ‘Tomboy.’ Growing up in a mean, West Side Cleveland area, her older Brother (5 yrs. older) teased her constantly and she developed a competitive, toughgirl attitude. She competed in many sports, track, volleyball, swimming and cheerleading. She told us that many contests against boys would end up in a fight because she had won or was winning. Problem was, if you fought Carmella, you usually lost at that too! It was then that she discovered how strong her legs were. She caught ‘a rather skinny’ kid by the waist between them and squeezed him so hard he began to cry. Still Carmella didn’t let him go until he cried ‘Uncle.’ Armed, or legged as the case may be, with this new knowledge, Carmella became obsessed with squeezing, and since then she has never let a boy she is dating go long without feeling her squeeze. Carmella has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She regularly competes in Bikini events, practices her incredible flexibility, and loves to show off her moves as a feature pole-dancer. However, she remains true to her roots and is really tough and strong. Alas, I met her in a night club as I watched her (mouth wide open) hanging by the pole with just her thighs! In this story, her Jealous man John, makes the mistake of getting caught going through her cell phone. If you know anything about strippers, you know you don’t touch their cell phones. All hell breaks loose and Carmella unleashes her legs. This DVD/Download is a scissors onslaught. John told us that when Carmella got going his instinct to survive took over. Good thing, otherwise she might have killed him. Carmella’s legs are long, lean and strong. However when she tenses them they get thick and marble hard. Most women have legs that either choke you or crush your skull, Carmella’s do both at the same time! John said afterward, ‘given how pretty she is, it’s uncanny how strong she is!’ This isn’t just a scissor video… Carmella roughs John up and indeed tries to hurt him with her legs. Like so many athletes their power comes from their core, and you can see this is where Carmella’s true power lies as well. Her hip-thrust grapevine is legendary. The only analogy we can come up with is a shotgun being ‘pumped.’ She rears back and launches into your mid section as she widens her base, and it hurts! After seeing this production you’ll be calling Carmella, ‘The Scissoring Stripper!’ This offering is 30 minutes with stereo sound.Produced in High-Definition, the DVD is a 32 minute, non-stop scissoring beat down! The 1280 x 720 download is a smartphone and tablet friendly .mp4 and is 839mb. We recommend a Hi-speed internet connection to download this awesome video.

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