When Push Comes to Wrestling!

When Push Comes to Wrestling!


The “Queen of Mean” Sara Lips returns to Utopia in UTCS-54, When Push Comes to Wrestling! Eli is stretching and showing off some of his Martial Arts ability, when Irish session wrestler Sara Lips tries to compliment him on his impressive martial arts skills. Eli is so egotistical he actually pushes Sara aside so he can show her more moves. Sara seizes her moment and moves in for the kill. She hip tosses Eli to the mat where she scissors, chokes and punishes the arrogant male until he has to beg for his release. Sara is skilled, fast and aggressive and deliberately puts a hurtin’ on Eli. Every intense scissorhold and wrestling maneuver from Sara is delivered with bad intentions and is designed to inflict pain. Eli is forced to beg our Irish badass not to break something on the way to his ultimate submission. Eli learns the hard way, when push comes to shove with Sara Lips, you better be ready to wrestle! Enjoy!

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