Tyler vs. Cheyenne Part 2

Tyler vs. Cheyenne Part 2


If you like rib crushing body scissors, the rear naked choke and all-out struggle by two evenly matched session wrestling beauties, then part 2 of WW-11, Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel maybe your clip. Each woman trades brutal scissor/choke submission combinations, with one woman getting a second. There are 3 submissions in all. There are some other athletic maneuvers along the way as each woman tries to figure out how to score victory over her opponent. Part 2 is 7.5 minutes long and $7.95. WW-11, Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel! is available as a whole in Downloads, or in 4 parts in the Clips Store. Check out the Utopia Star Profiles of both women… Tyler Dare and Cheyenne Jewel Enjoy!

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