The Scissor Expert Part 3

The Scissor Expert Part 3


Part 3 of The Scissor Expert! is where sexy Skylar makes her transition to topless while sitting firmly on Dante’s face. This is the first ever wrestling video in which Skylar has bared her perfectly formed breasts. From there she repositions Dante for a fantastic lotus scissor and then a side scissor from the back. In prime position now, Skylar secures unbelievable sexy figure 4, in which her perfect female form is on complete display. She has him essentially in an upright hangman! Onto her side she rolls still trapping Dante’s head and then into a classic head scissor. Oh so dominant, Skylar flexes her fantastic biceps while pressing her scissor. The rest of Part 3 features, a camel clutch and another head scissor, just cause she can! Part 3 is 8.5 minutes and 252mb. See the full version of The Scissor Expert! here Also, check out Skylar’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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