The Scissor Expert Part 2

The Scissor Expert Part 2


As Part 2 of The Scissor Expert! starts, Fitness Model Skylar has Dante on the floor and pulls him high and deep into her thighs in a classic head scissor and figure 4. His head is bright red now, only to be exceeded by the color she turns him in the rear naked choke/body scissor combination she secures on him next. When she lets go, she stands up and places her foot on Dante’s neck. She then drags him to the couch and slaps on her deadly reverse head scissor. Wanting to prove to Dante that she is “the scissor expert,” she leaves no scissor untried and switches to front and front figure 4’s as Part 2 ends! Part 2 is 6.5 minutes, 197mb and $5.95. See the full version of The Scissor Expert! here Also, check out Skylar’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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