The Last Bitch Standing!

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The Last Bitch Standing!


Jolene Hexx and Lilly Ice are 2 of the most popular session girls on the planet right now. ┬áIn UTCS-106, The Last Bitch Standing, they are chilling on the mats in between videos and checking out social media on their phones. Jolene notices Lilly has made a post saying “Come see me for the session of your life. I’m the best session girl right now, even better than Jolene Hexx, lololol!” Beautiful Jolene is a veteran of hundreds of sessions, and videos, so you can imagine how she feels about the post, but when she confronts Lilly, she gets a rather snarky response. Lilly is a former figure competitor and has an awesome physique, but she’s not nearly as experienced, so Jolene takes this as a clear challenge. So it’s match-on as Jolene pulls Lilly to the mat and secures her in a grapevine. Soon in this sexy session-girls battle, the tops come off, insults get slung back and forth, and these gorgeous wrestlers energetically trade multiple holds and the advantage. Who will be “the last bitch standing?” Check out the video today to find out. Enjoy!


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