The Compliance Dude Gets Crushed!

The Compliance Dude Gets Crushed!


(13.5 Mins.)

Spectacular scissor specialist and feature pole dancer Honey (Lana Mae) returns to Utopia in “The Compliance Dude Gets Crushed!” aka “The Tale of Brett Douchebag!” This is the story of what happen’s when a compliance officer (Brett Douchebag) of a popular online conglomerate barges into her house to try and shut her down. You see Honey specializes in being able to knock men out in any number of scissor positions in the blink of an eye. However the online conglomerate has seen enough, and sends Douchebag to remedy the situation. Honey first surprises Mr. Douchebag by climbing on the pole and scissoring him right off of it. But she’s only getting started when she drags him to the couch to really compress his neck. Beautiful Honey is one of the most popular scissor goddesses on the planet, and has incredibly strong legs from years of dancing and gymnastics. Her legs are thick and powerful. She gleefully torments Brett Douchebag with brutal scissor snaps, intense figure 4’s, devastating reverses, and facesitting, as she nearly turns out his lights a few times throughout. Honey’s arms are quite strong as well, as she’s able torpor herself up off the couch with one hand while scissoring Douchebags trapped neck. This is part 1 of a 2 part series following Honey’s adventure in keeping her portal up and running. “The Tale of Brett Douchebag!” is 13.5 minutes in length, Enjoy!


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