The ABC’s of Scissors!

The ABC’s of Scissors!


Duration: 63 minutes

Katarina Kat is a professional International Feature Dancer, and former Russian Circus Acrobat. She was raised her whole life to perform at a high level, and to treat her body as a temple. She possesses incredible flexibility and raw power! In MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! Katarina’s Mother has hired an English tutor to help Katarina’s transition to the United States. Katarina thinks he’s cute and wants a little more than just an English lesson. When Duncan ignores her attempts to get his attention, the angry young athlete jumps on him and begins his scissoring education. Katarina strips off her overcoat, and reveals her perfectly shaped breasts in a black rhinestone studded, sexy wrestling singlet! Then, Katarina’s educated legs find Duncan’s head, neck and throat form any and every angle. Katarina’s enthusiasm for punishment is exceeded only by the power of her magnificent tush and thighs. She shows us her flexibility by front and reverse splits while straddling his throat. Then shows us her strength from years of gymnastics by Flexing her biceps for us and saying ‘There it is!’ It’s one of the sexiest flexes, I think I’ve ever seen! When Katarina is finally done with Duncan he is completely vanquished, out cold between her lithe, sculpted, legs, with a new understanding of the ABC’s of Scissors! As a bonus, MW-63, The ABC’s of Scissors! contains a 1.5 minute clip of Katarina scissoring Kip on-stage during one of her Feature Dancing engagements at a Gentleman’s Club in Columbus, OH. Watch as she taps Kip out 3 times on stage! WM-63 is 29.5 minutes, High Definition, 1280 x 720, a stereo .mp4 and 800mb. Also, check out: Katarina’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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