Sunset Stripper’s Squeeze

Sunset Stripper’s Squeeze


Producer Pete hires Liz Lightspeed for his new show “Sunset Strippers.” Only problem, there is no show, he’s not a producer, he’s just a guy with a website who wants footage of strippers. Well he picked the wrong woman to try and scam. Shot on location at Liz’s, she starts off by showing her pole skills. Really impressive we might add! Not too mention (but we will anyway) Liz is a natural beauty! Blessed with a power-packed lean, lithe, flexible physique, Liz has the strength, speed and skill to tangle with anyone! When Liz realizes there is no show, Pete’s plan unravels, as Liz’s legs, ravel around Pete. Liz is such an amazing wrestler, we had a really rough time cutting our preview under 5 minutes. Six pictures just can’t tell this story. Suffice it to say, Lady Liz turns Pete inside out, upside down and even some of the time, into a pretzel. Check out Sunset Stripper Squeze today, you’ll be really glad you did! UTKC3 is 611mb and is 38 minutes in length. $17.95

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