Stand Me Up … I’ll Squeeze You Out!

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Stand Me Up … I’ll Squeeze You Out!


One of the most popular session wrestlers of all time, is sexy Southern Belle Tyler Dare. In
MW-129, Stand Me Up … I’ll Squeeze You Out, Dan had flaked out on Tyler for a session, during her last visit to Cleveland.  Giving her a lame excuse about his Grandmother being ill. This time around however, Tyler got a deposit from Dan,  so he shows up for his session. Tyler is no dummy, and she quickly figures out this is the dude who stood her up last time.  Now, she goes extra tough on him. Tyler’s been hitting the gym hard and shows up in awesome condition, showing her lean body in a sexy sheer hot pink and purple bikini. She’s proud to flex her hard biceps throughout this video, because she’s darn near in the best shape of her life. Tyler is one of the best sessions around. Not only because she is super hot, or incredibly charming, but because she knows so many holds and counters and delivers them with precision and enthusiasm. We counted well over 50 holds and combinations (some repeated) but her startling expertise is on display throughout. Holds of note include: classic, front, side and reverse scissors, classic front, side and reverse figure 4’s, grapevine, camel clutch, crucifix, schoolgirl pin, body scissor, full nelson, armbar and rear naked choke. If you’re a fan of Tyler Dare, you’ll love seeing this 32 minute, mixed wrestling, squeeze-fest. Sorry, we didn’t have the time to put together a montage preview for this video, but there is a :35 second clip showing you the quality Utopia delivers, including excellent lighting, sound and camerawork, as Tyler completely crushes Dan.  Enjoy!


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