Scissored by She-Hulk!

Scissored by She-Hulk!


Duration: 79 minutes

Stunning IFBB Pro She-Hulk comes to Utopia for her first ever mixed wrestling video! She-Hulk introduces herself to our fans and immediately exclaims ‘Holy Shit, I Can Really Wrestle!’ She then treats us to a nice little posing exhibition. Kip breaks out the measuring tape because She-Hulk is massive. Nearly 16′ biceps, 25′ thighs and 15′ calves .. all encased in a 5’5′ 155lb. beauty! We’re not really sure what Steve said to She-Hulk before the match, but she proceeds to dominate and humiliate him. She-Hulk has no formal wrestling or grappling training but she knows her scissorholds and proves she’s way stronger than him from the start. Gorgeous She-Hulk is a trash talking machine, but when she tells you she’s not going to let you go, she means it. And she loves to take her time so he knows right from the start who owns him. The first head scissor, figure four combination is almost 6 minutes long by itself! Her side scissor and side 4 is 4.5 minutes and her reverse scissor is over 5 minutes long. It’s fantastic! MW-79, Scissored by She-Hulk! features excellent lighting and camerawork along with plenty of amazing close-ups. You’ll feel Steve’s desperation and pain right along with him. Watch Steve clutch helplessly in this awesome amazons gargantuan gams, all while She-Hulk smiles, flexes and trash talks. In the end She-Hulk stands over her totally defeated foe, flexing and sexily smiling in a classic victory pose. She-Hulk’s the 9th wonder of the world! MW-79, Scissored by She-Hulk! is 25 minutes in length, full HD 1920 x 1080, and 1.21gb. Enjoy!

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