Red Diamond’s Chiropractic Adjustment!

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Red Diamond’s Chiropractic Adjustment!


Red Diamond is an IFBB Pro Figure competitor, who is also a pro domme and awesome session wrestler. Well, evidently she’s a Chiropractor too! In UTCS-86, Red Diamond’s Chiropractic Adjustment, her boyfriend Lance is having a neck issue and went to a Chiropractor without telling her. But instead of helping the issue, Lance ends up in a lot more pain. Enter Red Diamond and her powerful 26″ thighs of steel. She knows what Lance really needs is a little traction, and what better way to elongate his neck than with a few well placed scissorholds. Red Diamond is luscious in her Baywatch one-piece swimsuit as she scissors Lance back to health! Front, side, standing, classic, figure 4’s and reverse scissors are all employed to snap Lance’s neck back into alignment. Enjoy!


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