Real Wrestling with Mandy!

Real Wrestling with Mandy!


There is something really sexy about a beautiful young woman who really knows how to wrestle. I’m not talking about girls who can slap on a good scissorhold. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good scissorhold as much as the next man. I’m talking about 22-year-old, tough-as-nails, 5’6″ lean & fit, 125 lbs., Mandy! Mandy comes from a wrestling family. Her father is the high school wrestling coach in the small town she grew up in. A gymnast since she was 3, she started wrestling against her older brother at 5. He turned into a 2-time state wrestling champion. Suffice it to say Mandy learned to wrestle and wrestle well. She had a reputation as a pinning machine. She humiliated a lot of boys in the first period by pinning them with her strength, speed and cunning. Sending them off the mats with their heads hung low, and some of them outright crying. The only way to beat her was to outlast her.
When we first found Mandy at the tender age of 19 she was fresh out of high school. She eagerly demonstrated her wrestling prowess by pinning John and Kip over and over again as we rolled tape. At 20 she returned in a sexy roleplay, dominating her real life boyfriend in MW-59, Who’s the Bitch Now! At 22 she returns to wrestle Mike in what we feel is the finest REAL mixed wrestling exhibition ever put on video. We know this is a bold statement, but it’s much less about us and much more about Mandy! This video is truly unique, and we were lucky to find her in the first place. Introducing Real Wrestling with Mandy! We searched long and hard for Mandy’s opponent and Mike gamely steps forward. This video features over 20+ takedowns of all varieties. Single leg, double leg, fireman’s carry and more. There are many reverses, escapes and dramatic combinations. But highlighting the action are the 20+ near and full pins. Mike caught Mandy a couple of times and put her on her back, but never manages to actually get her shoulder blades to the mat. However, Mandy maneuvers Mike for at least 3 or more REAL PINS! Indeed Mandy traps Mike in many different cradles, front headlocks and a few half nelson pinning combinations. There is a Saturday night ride pin (grapevine) and reverse figure 4 pin. At one point, just to mess with Mike a little, Mandy traps him in a side scissor and asks “Is this cheating?” She knows it is but who cares! Mandy proves she’s the REAL DEAL and a special young athlete who possesses the strength, speed and skill to beat a man in REAL wrestling. PLEASE NOTE: Real Wrestling with Mandy is 18 minutes and available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members’ Area. Enjoy!

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