Rapture Beats Down Glenn!

Rapture Beats Down Glenn!


Duration: 82 minutes

Sexy Rapture visits Utopia in near contest shape and performs in MW-82, Rapture Beats Down Glenn! Fresh off one of her most recent contests, Rapture looks awesome and shows off her incredible guns and huge cans, as very early on Rapture sheds her top! Rapture’s 5’10’ and 170 cut pounds! Glenn is hanging out in Rapture’s room as she’s getting ready for an upcoming beatdown session by shadow-boxing. He insults her, so she invites him to box. Glenn’s a big, macho guy, so he joins in and refuses to wear a mouthguard or headgear. Bad choice as Rapture tags him repeatedly with some nice head and body shots. After about 2 minutes she gives him a knee to the mid-section that drops him to the floor. That’s all Rapture needs to climb on and scissor poor Glenn senseless. Rapture is one of the premier session wrestlers on the scene and she knows every debilitating hold. Once she has a grip with her legs, she starts pulsating her thighs and snapping her legs to send shockwaves of pain into his trapped neck! Rapture flexes many times as she’s got him locked up and at one point grabs his nuts and then sits on his face! Glenn doesn’t like to be face sat, but there’s absolutely nothing he can do to stop her. Rapture employs every scissor she can think of to torture Glenn, and has him tapping many times. She laughs at his helplessness as she maneuvers him into more excruciating scissorholds. Near the end after about 18 more minutes of intense scissoring, Rapture exhausts him further in a devastating reverse scissor and reverse figure four. Now he’s putty for her beatdown finale! Rapture puts back on the gloves, straddles Glenn and then pounds away at him for the final 1.5 minutes. Guys, we are not exaggerating here, we’ve literally never seen anything like this! Rapture delivers over 150 punches to his head and body. It’s unbelievable until you actual see it! Her beatdown complete, Rapture flexes her fantastic biceps as she sits astride her victim! If you like tall muscular women, knocking guys around and scissoring them up down and sideways, then Rapture is your girl! Check out MW-82, Rapture Beats Down Glenn today, 26 minutes in full HD for only $19.95, you won’t be disappointed!

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