Pocahontas’ Sexy Oil Scissors!

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Pocahontas’ Sexy Oil Scissors!


Sexy <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=329&starname=Pocahontas” target=”_blank”>Pocahontas</a> is brand new to the mixed wrestling scene and visits Utopia for her first ever wrestling video shoot. A high school catcher and yoga enthusiast, Pocahontas started weight training when she was only 16. Even back then she had enormous quads, and a perfect round muscular booty, that none of the boys could keep their eyes off of.  Now all grown up, Pocahontas is a dancer and physique competitor and oh my, what a physique she has built!  We asked her what kind of video she wanted to make and she replied “I’ve always thought oil wrestling was sexy!”  We figured we hadn’t produced an oil wrestling video in some time, so why not?! Pocahontas enters the pit in a super-tiny, pink slingshot bikini, that has no chance of containing her bodacious assets. Lucky victim Derrick gets trapped in some punishing locks, including a soon to be legendary reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 that has him trapped underneath her, smothered, gurgling, and desperate to escape. Scissors aside, Pocahontas delivers some of the sexiest shit talk on the planet. This is one of the hottest videos we’ve released in some time and we’re sure you’ll love awesome newcomer Pocahontas. And yes guys, <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/utopiastar.php?starid=329&starname=Pocahontas” target=”_blank”>Pocahontas</a> is available for sessions!!!  Check out <a href=”http://www.utopiaentertainment.com/clipsnew.php?vid=UTCS-64″ target=”_blank”>UTCS-64, Pocahontas’ Sexy Oil Scissors</a> today.  Enjoy!


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