Pocahontas’ Leg Jail!

Pocahontas’ Leg Jail!


(14 Mins.)

Pocahontas is a former powerlifter and physique competitor.  She’s known best for squats and an unmistakable V taper to her incredible physique.  She returns to Utopia in a dominant role-play tailor made for her.  This was actually Pocahontas’ very first video we shot when she went by the stage name Marie, but for some reason we overlooked this clip in post production.  In UTCS-162, Pocahontas’ Leg Jail, her man Derrick comes home super late from a night out on the town with the boys.  Turns out he gets arrested and arraigned the next day and returns home wearing an ankle bracelet.  This is a true story, and the ankle bracelet is real, lol.  He tells Pocahontas “it’ll be like being in jail at home,” and with that, Pocanontas explodes into fury.  She pulls Derrick to the floor and ensnares him in a neck wrenching classic scissor and scissor 4.  Few women get into a role-play like Pocahontas and you’ll feel her wrath right through the computer screen.  Plus, her sexy brand of shit talk cuts right to the core of what fans of mixed wrestling find thrilling.  You’re hopelessly trapped in-between her creamy muscular thighs, and there’s nothing you can do to extricate yourself.  Other sexy holds of note include: a torturous side scissor, side scissor 4, a “survival-mode” reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, because when you’re locked in it, you’re in complete survival-mode (that is if she doesn’t knock you out first) and a punishing front scissor and front figure 4 that lasts 4 minutes by itself.  She flexes and humiliates him the entire time while wrestling in the outfit she made famous, her tiny pink halter, slingshot, that barely contains her massive chest. Wow!  TRT 14 minutes, Enjoy!


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