Nice to Meet You … Squeeze You!

Nice to Meet You … Squeeze You!


Spectacular session wrestler Ava Simone is back at Utopia! Blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a sensuously engaging personality, beautiful Ava is truly a session gift! Her physique is packed with sexy muscle shapes, boasting 14″ biceps, 26″ thighs, and 16.5″ calves, and seriously, it’s hard to your eyes off Ava’s legs! They are smooth, tan, thick and powerful. When we first shot Ava, she was just starting out in the session world, and would kindof make it up as she went along. Don’t get us wrong, she knew plenty of holds to be really dangerous, but she relied more on strength and stamina to beat her opponents as she did skill. However, since our last shoot, Ava has become a truly accomplished wrestler. Name the style and Ava can roll. Scissors, grappling, pro-style and pins, Ava is up for any challenge, any time! Ava and Ed have never met, but have heard all about each other. Ed wants a chance to see what sexy Ava brings to the mat, and Ava can’t wait to get her luscious thighs around Ed’s head! In UTCS-56, Nice to Meet You … Squeeze You,
Ava gets Ed down onto the mat and works him over with some intense scissorholds. Highlighting this video is an awesome leg triangle, a brutal side scissor & side figure 4, some incredibly well placed belly punches, sexy flexing as she squeezes his neck, and an intense reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4 combo that has defenseless Ed seeing stars in seconds. You’ll love watching sexy Ava Simone squeeze Ed to the brink in her blue bikini and deep red wrestling shoes in UTCS-56, Nice to Meet You … Squeeze You! Enjoy!

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