New Citizen’s Scissors!

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New Citizen’s Scissors!


Pro Muscles has just received notice that she has become a US Citizen.  In UTCS-165, New Citizen’s Scissors,  she tells her husband Ed the good news, but he is less than enthusiastic, telling her “I could pass that test drunk!”  When he can’t even answer “Who is the father of our nation?,” Pro Muscles decides its time for his re-education via a severe scissoring from her fantastic legs.  Pro Muscles is a woman of incredible class, taste and style, so being with a man who doesn’t even know how many U.S. Senators we have, does not exactly fit her lifestyle.  She has a flawless Physique, with nearly 15″ biceps and calves, and serious 24.5″ thighs.  Wearing a beige bodysuit that perfectly accentuates her tan IFBB Pro physique, she starts out by pulling him into a classic scissor and asks him “What is the name of our National Anthem?”  When he can’t answer she gives him a brutal jolt from her massive thighs.  Then she asks, “Who is on the $100 bill?”  When Ed gets it wrong, Pro Muscles says, “You deserve this!” and then administers the rest of her her leggy beatdown which includes: hip-thrusting grapevine, crushing rear naked choke, a sexy side scissor, paralyzing classic scissor and figure 4 sequence, a nasty reverse scissor and reverse figure 4, and a crippling front scissor in which she flexes her awesome biceps and commands him to touch them. all while humiliatingly admitting that she is stronger and is the boss!  Lastly, she kicks him to the floor making him her footstool, then forces him into massaging her awesome calves as we fade to black!  TRT 10.5 minutes, enjoy!


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