My Legs Could Kill You!

My Legs Could Kill You!


Duration: 51 minutes

IFBB Professional Physique Athlete Jennifer Abshire (aka Scar) is in contest preparation and looking lean, muscular and strong. Indeed many men who have session wrestled with her recently have commented on how ‘Lethal’ her massive legs have become. She wants to test her awesome power and who better to put through the ringer than her uncooperative boyfriend. Scar, dressed at first in a pair of skin tight black leather pants begins the scissoring lesson. Soon he is begging to be let go as she asks ‘Are my legs lethal?’ She strips down to her thong bikini and what follows is an array of crushing scissor holds from almost every conceivable position. Jen dials up the squeezing pressure on every hold to the brink of cracking his neck as she has a reason for her boyfriend’s ultimate beat down. She tells him many times ‘I could kill you with my legs!’ Fans of Reverse Scissor Holds will be especially happy with this production, as there are several renditions, but one sequence by itself lasts 4.5 minutes, featuring both straight leg and reverse figure 4’s. He is sandwiched so high and tight in her ass, she tells him ‘She could suffocate him with her glutes too!’ By the end, he is completely vanquished, his female superior is standing over him flexing, while his life (and neck) are sandwiched firmly between her killer thighs. He has no choice but to admit her legs could kill him at any time. MW-51, My legs Could Kill You! is 29 action packed minutes with stereo sound. The .wmv download is 1280 x 720p, 3500kbs, and split into 4 parts. 786mb. Something new to try out, is our Smart Phone friendly .mp4 format. Also Check out Jennifer Abshire’s Utopia Star Profile here! Enjoy!

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