Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 3

Muscle Tease vs. Duncan Part 3


Ultra-sexy Lyndsay (the Muscle Tease) ramps it up a notch in part 3, and proves to Duncan she can really wrestle. Moving from scissorhold to brutal scissorhold, Duncan spends this entire clip between Lyndsay’s incredible muscular thighs. Extremely flexible she knows how to use her muscular legs against her helpless opponent. Incredible reverse head scissors and reverse figure 4 scissors along with a straight head scissors and chinlock combination keep Duncan in trouble. But her body scissors and choke combination is what ultimately puts Duncan away in part 3. Muscle Tease has one of the sexiest, curviest physiques in mixed wrestling and every inch is on display as she dominates Duncan. Enjoy! TRT 8:13 and 207mb.

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