Morgan Powerlifts Nick!

Morgan Powerlifts Nick!


Morgan returns to Utopia just 1 day after winning her pro card in Powerlifting. She’s 5’9+ tall and weighs a thick 195lbs. The last time we saw muscular Morgan, she was dieted down to 158lbs for her most recent Physique contest. So Morgan has put on 37 lbs of solid muscle since we saw her dominate Derrick in Morgan Rules! First things first, we broke out the measuring tape! We’re not going to give away her stats in this description, but they are awesome! Then we did a size comparison with Nick, and Morgan dwarfs him. There are 3 basic lifts in Powerlifting: Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift and Morgan performs all 3 using Nick!!! It’s fantastic! Then she does some squats in the other traditional Lift & Carry events such as Fireman’s Carry, Shoulder Sit, and finally Cradle Carries him down the hallway of our hotel. There’s 6 different lift sequences in all. Check out the short sample montage. We were able to get tons of great angles of Morgan Powerlifts Nick! This is a must see video for fans of muscular women lifting men. Offered in true HD 1920 x 1080. PLEASE NOTE: This clip is available here in the Clips Store as a standalone, or in the Utopia Members’ Area. Enjoy!

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