Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts – Part 1

Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts – Part 1


Please Note: Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on most smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

We have a rare treat in store for all fans of ultra thick, muscular women appearing in mixed wrestling videos. Introducing Mirage in Part 1 of Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts! This is the Mixed Wrestling Scissors segment only! Mirage is a competitive female bodybuilder. At 5’1″ and 150 lbs., Mirage’s physique is packed with thick, dense muscle! Her biceps and calves measure 16″ and her quads are a massive 26!” But perhaps as impressive as her physique, is her overall captivating beauty and charm! Mirage is starting to entertain sessions and wanted to get the word out. So she called her old buddy Kip, and here is the video. Kip brought in his best victim Duncan to take one for the team. This video consists of 10+ minutes of scissoring, The mind numbing, head squashing scissorholds highlighted are straight, figure 4, front, body, throat, side and reverse. Throw in a choke and leg-breaking grapevine for good measure. Duncan, who is a veteran of about 400 mixed wrestling videos, was begging us to stop between segments! Her squeeze is as devastating as it comes. Look at the glee etched on her face as she makes Duncan suffer. Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts Demo Part 1 is a smartphone friendly .mp4, 10.5 minutes of hi-def 1280 x 720 action, stereo sound and is 297mb. If you want the session of your life, we highly recommend Mirage! See Mirage’s Utopia Star Profile Here!

To purchase both parts 1 and 2 together and to read the full description check out Mirage’s Scissors and Lifts!

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