Megan vs. Dominick

Megan vs. Dominick


Duration: 46 minutes

Presenting Megan in our newest installment of ‘Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!’ At 5’4′ and 130lbs, Megan is one of the hottest, curviest, solidly built, most awesome shit-talking women we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. The buff, blonde has somehow naturally tapped into the core of what turns us on about mixed wrestling. The fact that you are trapped,… can’t get free,… and are totally powerless against her to improve your condition. ‘I’m going to work you over,’ ‘pop your head off,’ ‘You can’t do shit against me.’ ‘I’ve got you all locked up,’ and ‘I’m going to fucking kill you’ are all statements that she makes, as she crushes you between those rock-hard slabs of muscle known as her inner thighs! Megan is a former exotic dancer, turned fitness and figure competitor. Incredibly flexible, and naturally strong, this muscle beauty needed more of a challenge. That challenge became Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, where she eventually took her act into the Octagon. Megan sized Dominick up as they were about to hit the mat, turned to me and said, ‘I’ll try to keep him awake for you!’ Then Megan unleashed a scissor attack on young Dominick that he will never forget. She literally gave new meaning to the term ‘Scissor snap.’ Megan completely roughs you up as she overwhelms you. And even in an essentially scissors-laden video such as this, you can tell she really knows her moves. Her hands constantly keep his head down as she maneuvered around him. Megan encircled his head with her man-eating thighs from every angle and ‘works him over!’ At one point Dom tells her that she’s using this ‘Tricky Scissor Crap’ and that just sends her leggy domination to a new level. Check out the guide pics and video and I think you’ll agree, Holy Shit… Megan can really wrestle! 30 minutes with stereo sound. The download is 1280 x 720 mp4, 3500kbs, and a total of 779mb.

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