Megan vs. Dominick Part 3

Megan vs. Dominick Part 3


In Part 3 of MW-46, Megan vs. Dominick, Megan unleashes a scissor attack on young Dominick that he will never forget. She lets him up and he says Now it’s on!” He was right, That pissed Megan off even more… and from that moment on Megan never relents! Dominick tells her that she’s using this “Tricky Scissor Crap” and that just sends her leggy domination to a new level. She literally gave new meaning to the term “Scissor snap.” Then starts a scissor chop/snap combo where she first raises her leg high off of her victim, then slams her muscular thigh down hard into his neck! Megan encircled his head with her man-eating thighs from every angle and “works him over!” and let’s not forget another debilitating arm bar straddle combo! “

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