Megan vs. Dominick Part 1

Megan vs. Dominick Part 1


Presenting Megan in MW-46, Megan vs. Dominick. This is our third installment of our competitive mixed wrestling series, Holy Shit, This Woman Can Really Wrestle!” At 5’4″ and 130lbs, Megan is one of the hottest, curviest, solidly built, women we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Megan has become the new fan favorite at Utopia Entertainment. We’ve fielded more phone calls and email about this hot woman than any we’ve featured since Karen Konyha. This buff, blonde has somehow naturally tapped into the core of what turns us on about mixed wrestling. The fact that you are trapped,… can’t get free,… and are totally powerless against her to improve your condition. In part 1 Megan gives a flexibility demonstration followed by the beginning of Dominick’s butt whipping. Several scissorholds a brutal sleeper, bodyscissors combo hold and a camel clutch, begin to zap Dom of all his strength.”

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