Megan Avalon Posing

Megan Avalon Posing


Beautiful Megan Avalon is known as “Muscle Barbie” for good reason. She’s tall, tan, buff, blonde sexy, and has amazing blue eyes! And boy does she know how to turn it on! Megan showed up in fantastic condition for her MW-65, Professor Scissors video shoot, so before we got down to her scissoring the snot out of Dominick, Kip shot Megan flexing in one of the tiniest slingshot bikinis we could find. See almost all of Muscle Barbie with luscious close-ups, and awesome angles right here on Utopia! UTP-4, Megan Avalon Posing is a solid 6 minutes, has a cool blues sound track and is presented in High Definition, 1280 x 720, .mp4 and 210mb. Enjoy!”

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