Measure Me Bitch!

Measure Me Bitch!


Duration: 105 minutes

Beautiful IFBB Pro Jennifer Abshire is prepping for a physique show and her upcoming shoot for Utopia. Dressed in a sexy, blue and white polka-dot, micro thong bikini, Jen starts off by treating us to a sizzling-hot 6 minute posing display. Her rude boyfriend interrupts her flexing to watch TV and this pisses Jen off. But, when he refuses to measure her, this really sets her off. She throws him down and commences a 21 minute brutal scissor-fest! Jen has 15′ biceps, 25′ thighs and 16′ calves, and she uses her massive tools as weapons to completely destroy Van. All he can do, as Jen mashes his skull, is paw feebly at the muscular prison that holds him captive. Jen has complete mastery of every muscle group on her fantastic body. When she scissors him she sends pulsating shockwaves of pain into his trapped neck. … over and over again. Measure Me Bitch is highlighted by fantastic lighting and fantastic close-ups as Jen punishes Van. We’re sure you’ll love watching incredible Jennifer Abshire posing, and then as she annihilates Van in MW-105, Measure Me Bitch! Enjoy!

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