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Long, Strong, Devastating Legs 2


IFBB Pro Physique Competitor Amazon Nikki is a 6’0 tall blonde beauty with 15″ biceps, 25″ thighs, 16.5″ calves and in general, “legs for days.” In the original MW-94, Long, Strong, Devastating Legs, Nikki tells Derrick she wants to take their relationship to the next level. Meaning she wants to show him that she can easily dominate him, by scissoring him into oblivion. Fast forward 1 year and we check in to see how the “happy” couple is doing. Nikki is now firmly entrenched as the dominant in the household. Whatever missteps Derrick makes is met with a severe scissoring. Not only must he endure the bruising force of Nikki’s incredibly strong gams, but she unleashes a tongue lashing at every given opportunity. In UTCS-79, Long, Strong, Devastating Legs 2 Nikki is in the dining room, awaiting Derrick to serve dinner. Nikki is in training for an upcoming pro physique show and is eating super clean. Derrick brings her Chinese takeout loaded with salt and sugar and sets it in front of her. This enrages the Amazon blonde and she confronts him by saying, “you know I have to punish you now!” Nikki orders him onto the table where her long, mammoth legs take over from there. Classic scissors, front scissors, side scissors, side figure 4 and reverse head scissors are all unleashed right on the dining room table. Next we see Derrick massaging Nikki on a bed. He isn’t able to massage hard enough to her liking and next thing you know she has him in a body scissor and choke hold. When Nikki transitions to a classic head scissor, her massive underpinnings literally dwarf his head. Several scissorholds later Nikki captures Derrick in a death grip saying “We always like to try new positions in bed.” Her muscular thighs grip his ribs as her huge bicep completely erases his face from view. Nikki lets her beaten spouse up only to assert “We are not done scissoring, are we?” She places him at the edge of the bed and slaps on a reverse scissor, in which Derrick’s face is turned beet red. Lastly Nikki turns him face up and finishes him off with a nasty standing front scissor as she poses her chest, shoulders and biceps into her bedroom mirror. Amazon Nikki is one of a kind and you can see her newest scissor video
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