Lisette vs. Chuck!

Lisette vs. Chuck!


Duration: 101 minutes

If you’re a fan of Utopia Entertainment then you know we love to feature female bodybuilders. Lisette comes to Utopia in near physique contest-ready shape, but believe it or not, Lisette walks around like this everyday!!! I mean check out this woman’s development … large, lean, and striated. Look at her core! This is dedication! Couple that with the fact that Lisette can out-lift most men at the gym, and it’s obvious she will be a dangerous opponent. This is Lisette’s first ever wrestling video, and Lisette is not a session wrestler. Rather, a self-described tomboy who accepted our challenge to get on the mat. In this installment of ‘Holy Shit, this Woman Can Really Wrestle, Lisette completely overpowers Chuck and then humiliates him with brutal scissor after crushing scissor. Ultra-Muscular Lisette is super proud of the physique she’s built from years in the gym and loves to prove her superiority by flexing over him while he’s trapped in her scissorhold. He cannot escape unless Lisette shows mercy but she punishes him for 24 minutes first! She told us at the start she wanted to ‘no-nonsense kick some ass’ and prove she could wrestle, and she leaves no doubt! Presenting MW-101, Lisette vs. Chuck! Enjoy!

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