Lindsay the Muscle Tease vs. Duncan

Lindsay the Muscle Tease vs. Duncan


Duration: 40 minutes

The first in the ongoing series ‘Holy Shit, this Woman Can Really Wrestle,’ features Lindsay the Muscle Tease in Mixed Wrestling action against Duncan. Sexy Lindsay, clad only in a super-brief bikini, is not only exceptionally pretty, but she has a very sensuous wrestling style. Talking smack the entire match, the foxy Canadian unleashes a powerful array of scissors on over-matched Duncan. Not content to just squeeze him between her creamy, muscular thighs, Lindsay chokes, grapevines, and otherwise dominates poor Duncan as only she can. Tease to Please and Squeeze is Lindsay’s motto and she doesn’t ever disappoint! Produced in High-Definition, the DVD is 32 minutes of non-stop squeezing action with stereo sound.

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