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Kelly’s New Mats!


Kelly Winterss is a sexy, ultra-muscular, session girl who loves to scissor! Crushing men with her lean, power-packed thighs, feeling them tap, and hearing them beg is one of her greatest turn-ons. In UTCS-89, Kelly’s New Mats, her boyfriend Steve wants her to stop participating in session wrestling all together. But Kelly goes out and buys a set of used mats for $1000! During his protest as she’s rolling them out for the first time, Steve tells her that’s a ridiculous amount to pay for used mats. Kelly jumps on him and wrestles him to the mat for the beginning of a short, yet very sweet, impromptu scissor session. Kelly’s quads are solid concrete, with zero give to them at all. She makes him scream and tap in every scissor and hold, including grapevine, classic headscissors, classic figure 4, front headscissors, front figure 4, reverse headscissors and reverse figure 4. Then, while standing over her spent boyfriend, she victoriously flexes as she gets him to agree to pay for the mats, and allow her to session forever. You’ll love watching sexy Kelly Winterss crush her boyfriend into begging submission with some of the hardest legs in the business. Enjoy!


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