Kayla Woods vs. Steve!

Kayla Woods vs. Steve!


(17.5 Mins.)

Kayla Woods is an all natural, strapping, female athlete and session wrestler based in Chicago, IL.  A self-described, “Tomboy,” Kayla grew up competing against boys in many sports including, baseball, basketball, volleyball and track.  She loved to playfully wrestle her boyfriends and admits to overwhelming many of them with her incredible balance, endurance and powerful legs, which she intuitively wrapped around them to lovingly crush the snot out of them.  Nothing makes her feel more empowered than to receive a tap, tap, tap, from a male ego, being snuffed out in-between her massive 25″ pythons.  A gym rat for many years, Kayla’s body, especially her glutes are some of the hardest on the planet and she loves to have her session victims grab her ass as she’s crushing you in her inescapable scissor locks.  Witness this video as she makes Steve grab her tush as she tortures him, and then her glutes demo contained within.  UTCS-173, Kayla Woods vs. Steve is another installment of Holy Shit This Woman Can Really Wrestle, so we measure Kayla first and then it’s just mano vs. womano, and even though Steve is 4 inches taller and 50 lbs heavier, our money’s on Kayla.  Indeed she seizes the opportunity and throws Steve to the mat where she traps him in a body scissor/choke combination with an HOM smother twist to it.  That’s how Kayla rolls, she squeezes the air out of your lungs, and inhibits your ability to catch your breath again, as she pulverizes you to the brink with scissor after paralyzing scissor, toying with you at her whim, until you tap your feeble submission.  And you will, he does, many times!   Holds of note include, head scissor, hip thrusting grapevine, body scissor, choke, HOM smother, breast smother, side scissor, figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, victory pose, flexing and glute worship.  Sexy Kayla took a year and a half off during Covid, but now she’s back in all her mixed wrestling glory!  TRT 17.5 minutes, Enjoy!


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