Katka Visits Vegas

Katka Visits Vegas


Duration: 45 minutes

Gorgeous Czech Bodybuilder Katka Kyptova visits Las Vegas and Utopia Entertainment was there to document part of her visit. Unfortunately for her boyfriend Andrew, their penthouse suite was so awesome Katka didn’t want to go sight seeing! Katka is 5’6” and 140lbs. of the hottest, prettiest, muscle girl, ever to come out of Europe. The beautiful blonde decides to get a little leg workout in, while hangin’ out in the room, and that’s where Andrew’s neck comes in. Katka scissors her hapless boyfriend from all your favorite angles and generally dominates him. Katka bounces Andrew around the suite, while choking him with her creamy, tan, muscular, inner thighs, on the couch, on the floor, while reading her email, on the bed, on the balcony and on the kitchen table. Check out the guide photos, these are actual lifts from the high definition video itself! Katka doesn’t speak English very well, but her leggy torture of Andrew speaks for itself. Katka has a perfectly shaped tush, and a pair of the sexiest legs in bodybuilding, but it’s her traffic stopping, head turning calves that keep us all drooling. Katka loves to flex, so every time she captures Andrew in a new, devastating scissor, she gives a little smile to the camera and raises her perfectly shaped biceps. What else can we say but… Katka Kyptova Wrestling! 40 minutes, stereo sound. The download is split into 5 parts with a total of 870mb.

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