Katka Visits Vegas Part 7

Katka Visits Vegas Part 7


This (never previously released) segment of Katka Visits Vegas, sees Katka punishing her boyfriend on the living room floor of their penthouse hotel room. She’s just getting her luscious thighs warmed up and what better way than a nice scissor session. A nice sequence including a grapevine, body scissor, front scissors including both straight legged and figure 4! Along the way she manages to throw in a few flexes or her perfectly peaked biceps. The amazing female from the Czech Republic loves to show her impeccable tan, muscular body that she has worked really hard for. One minute of this segment was released in the Utopia Member’s Area. Over 6.5 minutes of non-stop action, Part 7 (UTCS-5) is 169mb in 1280 x 720 resolution.

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