Katka Visits Vegas Part 6

Katka Visits Vegas Part 6


We shot so much of fantastic Czech bodybuilding sensation Katka Kyptova wrestling, we couldn’t stuff it all into our previous release, MW-45, Katka visits Vegas. So the next 4 segments released in the Utopia Entertainment Clips Store are the previously unreleased and unseen chunks. These are labeled Katka Visits Vegas Parts 6 thru 9, but contain a Utopia part number UTCS-4 thru 7 respectively. Please don’t be confused when ordering! Not quite enough footage for an entire DVD/Download release… here we go! This segment starts with Katka scissoring her boyfriend (reverse style) in an incredible calf scissor. As we all know, Katka has some of the nicest, most well developed calves on the planet, and it was nice to see her feature them right off the bat. She follows that up with an inescapable side scissor and figure 4 on the couch. Katka is the epitome of what we at Utopia visualize when we say a Beautiful, Buff Babe, Kicking Butt!” Part 6 (UTCS-4) is 3 minutes long, 90mb, at 1280 x 720 resolution.”

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