Katka Kyptova Posing

Katka Kyptova Posing


Czechoslovakian muscle girl Katka Kyptova visited Utopia Entertainment during the 2009 Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. Kip turned his High-Def camera on this buff, blonde, beauty, and the following DVD is the result. Katka poses in 4 different sexy outfits. A rainbow thong bikini. a pair of black booty shorts w/red sequin top, a slinky, shiny blue slingshot (Yum,) and a camouflage bikini. The first 19 minutes is a steamy posing exhibition, but the last 9 minutes, shows Katka in an awesome stretching/flexing exhibition, which is positively breathtaking! This tan, muscular beauty, is extremely flexible. She really turns up the heat as she flexes while doing splits, back bends, and other strength moves that border on contortion. Wow! 28 minutes with stereo music soundtrack.

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