It’s Just You, Me and My Scissors!

It’s Just You, Me and My Scissors!


Duration: 84 minutes

Natural beauty and Brown Belt Judoka Cypruss Allure returns to Utopia in MW-84, It’s Just You, Me and My Scissors! Last time we saw Cypruss in, UTCS-26, Cypruss Allure Shows Off, we measured Cypruss … 13′ biceps, 23′ thighs, and 14′ calves. This time to start things off, we conducted a 4.5 minute interview, in which Cypruss talks about how she got involved in Judo and Tae Kwon Do. Then she gets down to ‘her favorite part’ … wrestling! I have to say we’ve shot a lot of beautiful, ass-kicking females in our 26 year history, but there’s something about Cypruss, and the way she dominates Steve in this video, that is really erotic. Maybe it’s her flawless technique, or maybe it’s her all natural sensuality, or maybe it’s the fact she is deceptively strong and possesses fantastic balance. Or, maybe it’s her sexy smack-talk to both him and us. She loves to tell you she’s going to knock you out while trapped in her inescapable scissorholds. Then, after you tap your submission, there’s a little giggle, cute knowing smile and her beautiful blue eyes to the camera. Or, maybe it’s that she loves to show off her gym-trained body in super sexy outfits. In this case she wears a black, cut-out, 1 piece, backless thong. On my! Whatever it is she makes it look so effortless as she completely dominates and humiliates victim Steve. All this said, Cypruss gets him down and places him in a classic head scissor to start. He tries to offer resistance and pry her legs apart but she just toys with him as she ramps up her scissors from 30%, to 50% and then a jolt of full power. After that, Steve was never the same. She maneuvers to a reverse head scissor and again toys with him, 30%, 50%, and full power. For the rest of the video Cypruss places Steve in hold after hold making him tap at least 60 different times. These are real tap-outs, not fake like you see on many other sites! And when she’s not scissoring him severely, she’s facesitting him. I mean she buries his nose and mouth deep. Especially smothering him in her excruciating reverse figure 4. We could go on and on in praise of young Cypruss, but the best way, is for you to watch the video for yourselves. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with Cypruss Allure. Check out MW-84, It’s Just You, Me and My Scissors today! 26 minutes, presented in full HD 1920 x 1080. Enjoy!

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