Indecent Proposal!

Indecent Proposal!


(16 Mins.)

Honey is a stunning, super chill feature dancer from Pennsylvania.  She tours the country doing her amazing act in strip clubs across the US.  The 2 things that can get her amped up?  Competing in Pole Dancing competitions like the Stripper Olympics, and scissoring a man’s face off in video clips.  The later of course is where we were fortunate enough to come in.  Honey gained her well earned reputation for scissoring on a certain website that specialized in men being knocked out repeatedly in scissorholds.  Honey gained our attention because A) she’s gorgeous, and B) the absolute look of glee etched across her face as the victim started twitching from lack of oxygen.  I’m going to be 100% transparent here, we threaded the needle when it came to knockouts.  So we did a scissor test with Honey and our victim Steve and we found the sweet spot between throat collapsing scissor torture and utterly passing out. It wasn’t that hard to figure out and indeed, we at Utopia have lived there for more than 30 years, lol.  Honey does not disappoint and is actually one of our favorite shoots in the last few years for 3 reasons.  A) she came in as advertised. beautiful, fit and flexible.  B) she lit up in pure ecstasy with every mind-erasing scissorhold she delivered, and C) she treated us to a 3 minute long pole dancing routine that is spectacular!  There were essentially 4 clips produced the day we met Honey and this is clip 1.  UTCS-183, Indecent Proposal is 15 minutes in length, and features Honey pole dancing and scissoring our man Steve from many angles. The preview clip can be found here.  Enjoy!


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