Incessant Text, Meet Relentless Squeeze!

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Incessant Text, Meet Relentless Squeeze!


Lilly Ice returns to Utopia in another sexy role-play entitled UTCS-152, Incessant Text, Meet Relentless Squeeze!  Jobber Steve is all enamored with beautiful Lilly and as we open, Steve is incessantly texting Lilly while she is trying to answer her emails. The phone keeps dinging and with every bell, Lilly becomes more irate.  Next thing you know, Steve pops over uninvited and Lilly attacks him. Blonde, tan, voluptuously muscular and athletic, Lilly really knows how to wrestle. Her specialty of course, her leg snapping, neck wrenching scissor!  She pulls Steve high up in her thighs with his head resting right on her cookie and proceeds to crush his windpipe. Then she rolls him over into her devastating reverse scissor and reverse scissor 4.  When she curls her leg back Steve’s nose is buried right into her crack. Then she places him onto his knees and captures him in a standing scissor.  When she leans forward she stretches her legs straight out in an aerial side scissor and side figure 4.  Steve can’t take too much of this punishment as Lilly snaps her legs repeatedly and they go crashing to the floor, where Lilly punishes Steve further in her grueling side scissor and side 4. Next she places him back in reverse and finally finishes him off in a head snapping front scissor.  Lastly, Lilly stands over her vanquished foe in a classic double bicep victory pose.  Sexy Lilly Ice is a fan favorite and it’s easy to see why when she gets to scissoring!   TRT 16 minutes, enjoy!


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