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Impromptu Scissors!


Sexy session wrestler <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Ava Simone</a> and Eddie Paradise were waiting for Kip to download an SD card and are going at it on the mat. When Kip is ready and turns on the camera, he is happily surprised to see Ava inverted and attached to Eddie’s head, in a full on upside-down reverse head scissor. Game-on and hence the title “Impromptu Scissors!” This was supposed to be a competitive clip, but Ava’s meaty gams have a negative effect on Eddie’s ability to mount a comeback. He dives for Ava’s legs and she secures a brutal side scissor. However Ava, dressed in her sexy blue on blue wrestling singlet, is just getting warmed up and what follows is Ava thrashing Ed with some head squashing scissor locks, culminating with her favorite submission, “The Death Grip,” and another awesome reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4. Enjoy!


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