I Could Just Pop Your Fricking Head Off!

I Could Just Pop Your Fricking Head Off!


Duration: 93 minutes

IFBB Physique Pro The Huntress visits Utopia smack in the middle of her competition season. Her body is lean, shredded, muscular and vascular. Her legs are unyielding, iron slabs of feminine muscle. She punishes Steve with some of the most grueling scissors we have ever seen. He starts out complaining about his life and how stressed he is, and then calls her an ‘Unsupportive bitch!’ That’s all Huntress needs to hear to see red, and she viciously straps the thighs on him. Steve is full of energy at the start, but her relentless vice-like scissors zap the strength right out of him. Maybe it’s somewhere within the 8-minute long reverse scissorhold!?! We’re not really sure, but for the rest of the video Steve is pretty compliant, screaming and tapping his submission many times. He knows she could pop his fricking head off whenever she wants! Halfway through the video, Huntress removes her top and shorts revealing her nice cans, six pack abs, and tight buns in an ultra-tiny purple thong. In MW-93, I Could Just Pop Your Fricking Head Off, you get to see The Huntress’ amazing concrete body mashing Steve from start to finish. Steve told us his jaw hurt for a week, after the vice-like punishment of The Huntress’ scissorholds. Enjoy!

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