Hailey vs. Doug Part 3

Hailey vs. Doug Part 3


Please Note: Hailey vs. Doug Part 3 is a smartphone friendly .mp4! It will play on all smartphones, PC’s and Macs.

Part 3 of Hailey vs. Doug, contains some severe scissoring. In fact 3.5 straight minutes of throat and head scissors causes Hailey to ask Doug if he is crying. He can’t speak and Hailey starts to laugh at him while wiping the tear from his crushed face. Humiliating! Other holds featured include Hailey throwing him into the ropes and knocking him to the canvas, side scissors, throat scissors, figure 4, a “hangman” figure 4, reverse figure 4, grapevine and a flex while pinning his shoulders in a classic schoolgirl pin. Hailey is awesome! Part 3 is 5.5 minutes in length. See Hotstuff Hailey’s Utopia Star Profile! Enjoy!

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