Gia “The Bully” Primo Silences Jay!

Gia “The Bully” Primo Silences Jay!


Kip is interviewing Gia Primo and they’re talking about her much deserved new nickname, “The Bully.” Jay hears the explanation and interrupts the interview saying “you think you’re bad?” Gia replies “yes I do” and gets up to confront Jay. What was Jay thinking? Gia takes Jay down to the mat and has him saying her name in about a minute with a brutal leg lock. But that’s only the beginning of the 15+ minute humiliation dished out by sexy Gia. If you’re a fan of mixed wrestling, then you undoubtedly know Gia’s reputation, however let us clarify. Gia is in phenomenal shape. There is not an ounce of fat anywhere, and she actually has one of the sexiest, bikini-bods you’ll find anywhere. Full bust, tiny waist and super tight derriere. Her legs are all muscle and her arms ain’t bad either. Plus she’s been wrestling and grappling since 2000 and knows nearly every hold and counter on the planet. When she commences to scissoring, you better tap, or do as she commands, or suffer the dire consequences. You’re actually lucky if she knocks you out, because she loves to torture men into screaming submission. Just ask Jay. Over and over again he screams like a little girl locked in her grip. The pressure is nearly unbearable in her reverse scissor and she actually has Jay in tears. His pain, tears, and humiliating defeat at the hands (or legs) of Gia are real! Enjoy UTCS-51, Gia “The Bully” Primo Silences Jay!

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