Fon’s Scissor Slave RR – Part 4

Fon’s Scissor Slave RR – Part 4


In part 4 of Fon’s Scissor Slave “RR,” Thailand’s sexy IFBB pro Fon finishes RR once and for all. She begins this segment with RR trapped deep within her muscular legs in a classic front scissors and front figure 4. She rolls onto her back forcing RR to his stomach. Then works him up and down, placing his head exactly where she wants it while pouring on the pressure. She releases him briefly and he collapses to his back exhausted. Without hesitation, Fon climbs on him and places him in the final grueling reverse head scissor. She immediately forces his head higher up within the most muscular legs on the planet and submits him in a reverse 4. Watch Fon flex her awesome glutes and hamstrings as she essentially swallows his head in her gorgeous backside. It’s awesome! With RR completely spent, Fon stands over him with one leg planted on his chest and flexes in a classic victory pose! Lastly, she makes him worship the legs that totally defeated him. Fons Scissor Slave RR – Part 4 is 4.5 minutes long and only $5.95. The full download of UTCS-20, Fon’s Scissor Slave – RR is available here. Enjoy!

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