Fantasy Wrestling with Velvet Lane!

Fantasy Wrestling with Velvet Lane!


Duration: 85 minutes

If you’re an avid mixed wrestling session fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Velvet Lane. But unless you’ve had the pleasure of sessioning with this sexy athletic woman, you probably haven’t seen too much of her. Until now that is! Introducing MW-85, Fantasy Wrestling with Velvet Lane! This is Velvet’s FIRST EVER mixed wrestling scissor video! Velvet comes to Utopia just 2 days after her most recent NPC Bikini Competition. And, OMG, what condition she is in! Ripped, peaked 13′ biceps, six pack abs, lean muscular 22.5′ thighs and monstrous 15′ calves. Velvet has to be one of the most muscular bikini women ever, and she shows off her incredible gym-trained bod in an ultra-hot, leopard print, thong, cut-out bikini. In the first 4 minutes she talks to the camera flexing and posing her legs and arms for us. Tasty!!! Then she swallows Nick’s head and body with her thick, muscular legs for the rest of the video. Classic scissors, front scissors, body scissors, standing scissors, figure fours, grapevines and a 5+ minute reverse head scissor and reverse scissor 4 ends this session. Velvet is a flexing machine! She is super proud of her biceps and she shows them off while scissoring Nick in nearly every hold. We love Velvet Lane and so will you!!! Check out MW-85, Fantasy Wrestling with Velvet Lane today! Enjoy!

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