Elektra vs. John Part 1

Elektra vs. John Part 1


Part 1 Of Elektra vs. John includes the introduction of gorgeous, tall, strong, and muscular Elektra! Elektra is 5’10” and 165 lbs of solid muscle. A former college Heptathlete, she is really pretty and brings a sexy, “I’m gonna whoop your a*s attitude.” And guess what, she always does! Our competitive mixed wrestling series,”Holy S**t this Woman Can Really Wrestle, features a mat wrestling format with multiple submissions. After she takes him down within the first 10 seconds, some of the holds featured in part 1 include: Body Scissors, Choke, Figure 4, Front Scissors, Grapevine, Straight Head Scissors, Headlock, Reverse Head Scissors and a some dominant flexing. You’ll love natural athlete Elektra! TRT 9:29 and 229mb.

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