Eddie Paradise Visits Purgatory!

Eddie Paradise Visits Purgatory!


Sensational session wrestler Ava Simone returns in UTCS-60, Eddie Paradise Visits Purgatory! This is round 2 vs. Eddie and this time Ava dresses in a sexy 1 piece black leotard with her fire engine red wrestling shoes. After getting his butt handed to him in their last match, Eddie tells Ava “Well, now I know all your moves!” Ava responds “You think you’re ready for round 2?” and throws Eddie to the mat where she jumps on him! Ava has become really accomplished in wrestling this past year, and every time she gets on the mat she breaks out a new hold. This time she uses the body scissor and HOM (Hand Over Mouth) choke-smother to totally deplete Eddie’s wind. Her body scissor is right up under Eddie’s ribs where her 26″ thighs crush him relentlessly. Coupled with her rear naked choke and HOM and its nearly lights out for Eddie. Other highlights from this outstanding offering are a 2 minute hip-thrusting grapevine, a 3.5 minute head scissors/figure 4 segment, some well timed belly punches and HOM, and a 2+ minute mind-blowing reverse head scissors and reverse figure 4
Ava is one of the sexiest muscle women on the planet and she’s here again in UTCS-60, Eddie Paradise Visits Purgatory! Enjoy!

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